When we heard the news of Mr. Woods horrific crash, our deepest sympathies go out to him and his family. And as devastating as it is, we’re so glad to hear that his injuries aren’t life threatening, and he should make a full recovery.

Accidents are terrible thing, and one at high speed like this one, that includes multiple rollovers, and striking a tree, in most vehicles could’ve ended in in a terrible tragedy. but likely, because of the vehicle he was driving the outcome looks to be be much better. 

In the coming days and weeks, the accident will be reconstructed, and more details will emerge.  The speed the vehicle was traveling will be determined, as will why the vehicle crashed in the first place.  But regardless of the cause(s), the accident happened.  And while at this point we don’t know the reasons and many of the details, we do know exactly what he was driving.

When there’s an accident with a tragic outcome, people often say “they were in the wrong place at the wrong time”, but we’ve often thought no…they were in the wrong vehicle.  When you look at most horrific accidents, and you look at the vehicle(s) involved, you can usually see why the outcome happened.  Older cars, with old or non-existent crash safety systems and poor crash ratings lead to poor outcomes.

This was just the opposite.  Mr. Woods was driving a Genesis GV80, their newest and most important vehicle to date.  As everyone knows,Genesis is a relatively new brand, and is the luxury arm of the Hyundai Motor Company.  While trying to carve their way into the luxury market, they’ve been very careful to build their brand with attention to detail.  Detail in the area of quality -they’ve been number one in the JD Power Initial Quality Survey.  Detail in Design-they’ve hired the best designers from the worlds top luxury brands.  And detail in the most important area, safety.

Genesis has had three vehicles that have been tested by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the G70, G80 and G90 sedans.  All three have scored the highest possible rating the agency can give out, the Top Safety Pick Plus rating.  No other brand has ever done that before in the history of IIHS.  Ever.  And while the new GV80 hasn’t been tested yet, it’s a sure bet that it will garner that same rating, especially since the vehicle its architecture is based on did.

Many reports have said that given the severity of the accident, Mr. Woods is lucky to be alive.  But in this case, it’s probably less luck and more the fact that he was in one of the safest vehicles he could possibly have been driving.