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Mercedes Benz has released images and information about the upcoming EQA250 electric Luxury CUV. The EQA is the third planned electric model announced for Mercedes-Benz, following its larger electric sibling, the EQC, and the upcoming EQS sedan. The looks of the EQA are that of an updated GLA, and that’s largely because that’s where the EQA gets most of its architecture from.
Mercedes realized that it’s easier to work from an existing model than start with a clean sheet, and the GLA was a good place to start. The size and structure being a perfect match for the small electric vehicle. The front and rear have been revised for a more contemporary design, aerodynamic wheels have been added, and spoilers and bumpers have been updated for lower cd ratings.
The interior of the new EQA is taken almost directly from the GLA, with just a few minor differences. Accent colors are EQ specific, and there is a unique theme option for the infotainment system. The navigation system also adds topography and charging station locations when planning your trip.
The propulsion comes from a single electric motor driving the front wheels with 188 hp and has a one speed transmission. The range is rated at 264 miles, and on a fast charger can go to 80% capacity in just 30 minutes.
There will be an all-wheel-drive model added later, with significantly more horsepower and will be a two-motor setup. A long-range version will also be offered in the future.
Mercedes has announced the EQA on sale dates and prices for Europe (later this year, and $57,620) but has yet to announce its plans for bringing it to the US. We believe it’s just a matter of time, as Mercedes looks to electrify their entire lineup, and the EQA fills the bottom end of the electric utility range just fine.