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Every auto publication does road tests.  Many will get a press vehicle for a few hours or sometimes a few days from the manufacturer and most do a nice job of giving their impressions.  Depending on the constraints, they will often try to drive in different conditions, with different number of passengers Sometimes they do instrument testing shoot some beauty roll photos and videos and generally do an excellent job.  They give their professional opinions, and they move on to the next review.

Out ten thousand mile Road Test is obviously, a bit different.  Firstly, we buy our vehicles from a dealer.  Just like any other customer, we search online, find (or order) the vehicle we want, and go to the dealership to pick it up, just like anyone else. Secondly, and more importantly, we drive these vehicles for a minimum of 10,000 miles.  That allows us to really see what it’s like to live with a vehicle for a year or so.  We get to drive it in different seasons and weather conditions, and overall we get to see what it’s like to own it.  In some cases we even keep it a little longer.  When we’re done, just like the average person, we trade it in for the next car we want to test.   We generally have two to three different vehicles we’re testing at the same time, and have two drivers who switch off and drive both.  Let us know in comments if there’s a specific vehicle you want us to test next and we’ll consider any requests when the time comes to pick the next one.

Mercedes SUV

Mercedes Benz 350GLE

The new Mercedes-Benz 350 GLE is one of the most popular luxury Mid-Size SUV’s on the market.  Its roomy (can seat up to seven), has a soft ride, plenty of tech, and enough power with its turbocharged base engine.  The GLE starts in the high 50’s but when optioned out the way we wanted it, the first number’s a seven.  We’ll talk more about the options on our GLE, along with the new MBUX system and tell you whether we think the GLE should be on your consideration list.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio

Details Coming Soon

Jaguar F-Type

Details Coming Soon

Previous 10,000 Mile Test Drive Vehicles

Range Rover Sport Image

Range Rover Sport Supercharged

Our Range Rover Sport Supercharged Dynamic is one of our favorite cars of all-time.  With 510 horsepower and 461 lb/ft of torque, it was the perfect combination of capability and performance.  Zero to 60 in 5 seconds flat, (with a great exhaust growl), can tow 7700 lbs. and can conquer Heaven’s Gate.  We kept this one for nearly 20,000 miles as it was difficult to part with, but in fall 2020 we traded it for the Mercedes 350 GLE.

Purchased from Paul Martineau at  Jake Kaplan’s Land Rover in Warwick RI.  This is an excellent dealership to work with, and Mr Martineau is a nominee for the 2021 Automotive All-Star Award.

Genesis G80 Gray Sedan

Genesis G80 Ultimate

The G80 was the smaller of two original Genesis vehicles back in 2018.  They’ve since added the G70 and recently the GV80 SUV.  The G80 was a great highway cruiser, with excellent ergonomics and is one of the few luxury vehicles that takes regular fuel. We averaged nearly 30 mpg during the time we had with the G80, pretty good for a fairly heavy AWD mid-sized luxury sedan.

Our Genesis came from Hyundai of Newport in Middletown Rhode Island, where we worked with Jon Narcessian who we highly recommend for Hyundai products and Premium Pre-Owned Vehicles.

Honda S2000 Image

Honda S2000

The Honda S2000 is a blast to drive.  Simple, minimal frills, lightweight and a screamer of an engine.  This was the AP1, with an incredible 8800 rpm redline.  Near perfect weight balance gave the nimble two-seater supreme handling.  Sold this one with 17,000 miles (but should have never let it go). Unfortunately, the S2000 was discontinued in 2009 to the dismay of enthusiasts everywhere, and now the car has a cult-like following and prices are increasing rapidly.  Last year, a CR version sold for $76,500

We serviced our S2000 at Saccucci Honda in Middletown, a great, family owned dealership.